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Couples Therapy

“We will have many relationships over the course of our lives. Some of us will have them with the same person.”

Ester Perel

Sex, frustrations in communication, arguing, differences in values, infidelity, secrets, or just an overall sense of distance, “is this it?” type of questions - these are all reasons couples turn to therapy.

Together, we will unpack your success and challenges as a couple. We will explore your inner workings as individuals who are sharing a life and relational space together, and we will revisit your current dance, to make way for your new dance - either together, or separately.

I will hold the space so you are free to bring your full self; shadows, fears, dreams, wishes, desires, so that you can connect to each other in a new unfiltered way, while feeling safe and secure, empowered and daring. We will work in the here-and-now, using what happens in the room as a microcosm for your relational dance.

My style is bold and direct. I will block your exists so that, together, we can improve the way your relate to yourself and each other - whether you stay together or not.

Sessions are conducted online or in the clinics in Kfar Saba and are usually 1.5 hours.